Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Noah's Chocolate Milk

I woke up this morning and thought about all I needed to get done today and this week...and then started to think about getting Haleigh Raye up and going. Slowly, while all was still quiet and the day was not yet light, I reflected on what used to be my normal routine of getting them both going in the morning and how things have changed. Noah may be an angel now but on earth he was all boy with what seemed like an endless amount of strong will and energy and a little bit of stubbornness (that he did not get from me.  )I miss it all none the less. Our mornings are quieter, the hassles are less. If I don't set down with her, she sets across from a seat that can look very lonely early in the morning (well anytime of day for that matter) especially when it was his and his only for so many years. I always drink chocolate milk in the morning before I have coffee but today, after thinking about mornings with him, I made Noah's special chocolate milk which consists of a little milk, a lot of chocolate, freeze for 15 minutes and then serve. Haleigh Raye tasted tested for me and said it wasn't as chocolatlely as his was...but I was close. After I finished it to the last drop I started thinking no wonder Noah had so much energy after a glass of chocolate milk. He was on a chocolate high and, at least for the new few hours, I will be on one too. Sometimes you need encouragement to get through the day, sometimes you need a hug and all the time you can use prayer...but sometimes...you just need a glass of Noah's Chocolate Milk! 

(And, yes, I do drink from a Beverly Hills 90210 glass.)

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  1. Sweet and touching as always...I enjoy your blog, Jessica! If chocolate milk gets you through the day, go for it. One of my favorite things to remember my dad by are Orange Julius'. We drank them when I was a little girl and up to his death every time I went to visit I would stop and bring him one. And every time I go to Knoxville I try to hit Happy Hour to get my girls and me Orange Juilius'. Bittersweet, but oh well!