More about me? Why Sure!

As I said on my earlier page my name is Jessica and I am a 36 year old mom of 2 children. Haleigh Raye is 12 years old and as any child should be in their parent's life she is the center of my world and the reason I get up every morning and the reason I have continued to push through and make a conscious decision to keep on living (hang on more about that is coming later for those that don't know my story.)  My son, Noah Dean,  (hang on again while I wipe the bittersweet tears from my eyes as I always do when I type out or see his name written out) is forever 10 years old. Right now right this minute he is in the presence of God and living out all the worship and praise songs we sing about.  My whole "more about me" page could be all about those two so I dedicated a page to each of them.

I live in Morristown, TN and am just ever so blessed to be a part of this community my entire life (minus the part I thought I was really moving away from home when I moved to ETSU in Johnson City a mere one hour away.) I love Morristown. I never thought I would say that but I love where I live and I love the familiar faces I get to see everyday. To me, especially since last summer, it's become my own little Mayberry, my own safe haven. I like being around people that know our story, people that smile and wave at us and most importantly -people that love us, people that encourage us and people that are there for us.

Not only I do I have a real world I love, I have a virtual world I've come to adore! Lucky for me my world has opened up to people across the country with my Facebook page. I have come to find it a blessing to get to know so many people I wouldn't ordinarily come in contact with and now, as I dive into the blogging world, I look forward to my virtual community opening up even more and getting to know more people and their stories. Daily I am blessed through texts, emails or FB messages with people and their stories whether they be triumph, tragedies or both. I have rejoiced and cried along with them and it has made me realize more and more that everyone has their own struggle they are going through in life. There are usually 3 different kinds of people I have found. Folks who are getting ready to go through a storm, folks who are in the middle of a storm or folks who are just coming out of a storm. I don't pretend to think I can help everyone but I do believe the idea that when we realize other people are going through struggles and trials and seeing them cope and deal we can give hope and encouragement to each other.

I just want to send out a sincere thanks and gratitude from the bottom of my broken heart for stopping by and taking a look around. I would love for you to leave a comment and if you have a prayer request you can leave that to. I would consider it an honor to be a prayer warrior with you. 


  1. You are an amazing, strong, courageous woman of Faith and I am blessed that I have come to know your story and be able to be a part of your "virtual" family :) God Bless You Jessica

  2. I am glad you chose to share your heart with us and your journey - I will be checking back from time to time and praying for you, always. Thankful that we are One, in Christ, and prayerful that we all continue to harmonize and glorify His name as we sojourn ~ Candace