Thursday, March 6, 2014

When are we blessed?


How many times have we said that word.

Now, if you live in the south, that is a word that is used…often. 

"Bless it." "Bless their hearts." "Bless you."

What does a blessing look like?

Well, it's different for each of us as individuals and even when each of us is put together as a whole to make up a church, a group, a community or even a nation. It depends on who is speaking, their background and what their point of view is. 

But when we use the term "blessed", are we using it too loosely?

Or are we setting around waiting for blessings to bestow us that we become immune to the blessings that are right before us. 

I will admit  I cringe a little when I hear someone on the t.v, after a devastating storm or tornado, say how blessed they are as they stand in front of their house that is still standing. The camera will then zoom to their neighbor's house who is demolished. Nothing left. So…what is the person being interviewed saying. They were chosen but their neighbor was not? God loved them more so he spared their house and basically said, "to heck with the others."

The more intimate my relationship with God becomes, the more my prayers are prayed with scripture, the more I realize that no, it doesn't work that way. Yes, God can do anything He wants. He can have complete control anytime He wants but I don't believe He always exercises it. I don't know why and, believe me, I've questioned it many times in my life but never like I have since July 4, 2012. God could have saved Noah. But He didn't. Does that mean I'm not blessed because my son didn't make it? Does it mean Noah's life didn't matter because it wasn't spared? 

The answer is a resounding "no" to both of those. Sounds like a pretty easy and simple answer but to be perfectly honest that answer is still a work in progress for me. I find myself angry, bitter, resentful and feeling anything but blessed at times. I can't help but wonder if we overusing the word or not using it to its full extent. 

The events that led to Noah's death could have been prevented on the side of the boat and on the side of the marina. Did either of those ever feel "blessed" because, prior to July 4th, they had gotten through with a shortcut and maybe didn't have to either spend more money or more time to be proactive and take precautions? 

Blessed is a strong word especially when Christians use it. Each of our blessed statuses may look different because of what our heart is searching for. 

But there is one blessing that we, as Christians on earth, can't ever truly comprehend. It is one we don't have to compare to anyone else's because it is equal for all of us. It's immeasurable and sometimes the depth of it can be inconceivable. The blessing of grace. The blessing of mercy. 

As we reflect during this season of Lent may we be open to prepare our hearts to receive the blessing that is not done on our own but only one the resurrection can give us and then may we feel truly blessed.

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